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Our Pleasant Centre offers a variety of different activities for our pre and school-age children as part of the regular after-school programme at no extra charge.

After-school is about letting our children be children. They need to run around, find their feet, experiment with making things, learn to use tools safely, see the risks and look after themselves. They need to learn to respect and others, learn to respect nature, share their feelings, say things out loud, not be afraid and so much more... all of this learning happens as they follow their own interests and develop new ones. It is child-led learning!

With direction they will:

  • Build Shelters

  • Climb Trees

  • Play Games

  • Connect With Nature

  • Show Their Creativity

  • Share Stories and Songs

  • Identify Plants & Animals

  • And Much Much More...  

Additionally all children enjoy special events and field trips organised during the school holidays.


"Ask yourself what makes them come alive and then go do that!"
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